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Class Descriptions:

Spin & Core 30 min of high intensity cardio that will get you melting fat off! Followed by 10 minutes of tummy flattening core work. This is a major calorie burner!

Total Tabata Toner Enjoy this High Energy tabata circuit of weight training moves combined with cardio intervals. Get your cardio and muscle shaping all in one!

Pilates Bootcamp A fun and challenging, low impact, total body workout that focuses on strengthening the core and elongating rather than bulking muscle mass.

Spin and Stretch 30 min of high intensity cardio that will get you melting fat off! Followed by 10 minutes of stretching and cool down. Reduce pain, move better, sleep better, create better spinal alignment, reduce stress, improve your flexibility and posture are just some of the benefits you will walk away from this class with! A GREAT WAY TO END YOUR DAY!

Back, Buns & Guns Focus is on strength training for building and toning your back muscles, glutes (booty), arms and shoulders using dumbbells, barbells, cables and more! Get a workout like you would with a trainer in the gym in a circuit style format. This is your chance to train in a gym without the intimidation of a ‘big box gym’!

HITT Total Body Training This workout includes various fast paced exercises that work your body for a perfect combination of cardio and strength. Fast work, short breaks, and guaranteed quick results!


Mondays:  10am, 530pm, 645pm

Wednesdays:  10am, 530pm, 645pm

Thursdays:  530pm

Fridays:  6am Group Cardio-Cycling, Abs & Foam Rolling, 10am- Group personal Training

Saturday:  930am (sometimes 830am and 1045am if enough participants)

Session Options:

●    $18 +tax pay per session
●    $80 +tax for 5 sessions
●    $150 +tax for 10 sessions
●    $260 +tax for 20 sessions

Book your consultation now!

Or call/text 705-795-3488

What To Bring & Class Policies:

●    Come to class ready to move.
●    If you are new to a class, come a little early so our instructors can you give some pointers.
●    Wear comfortable, breathable clothing.
●    Bring a water bottle and towel.
●    No crop tops or “bootie” shorts please.
●    Shorts must cover the top half of thighs.
●    Indoor Shoes only please.
●    Please sign up for desired classes a minimum of 1 day in advance.
●    12 hour cancellation notice is required.
●    There are no refunds for fitness class purchases.