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Hello! I would like to introduce myself; my name is Alexa Georgas, a vibrant, passionate, bundle of charm!
I have been involved in organized sports and fitness from the early age of 5, joining my first gym at age 16. Realizing my passion for fitness, I graduated George Brown College in 1999 with a diploma in Fitness and Lifestyle Management. I continued to broaden and diversify my fitness education and certification with programs such as post- rehabilitative exercise, Pilates, Aqua Fit, Suspension Training, Olympic style Trampoline Fitness, Sports & Golf Conditioning Specialist, to name a few…. a ‘jack of all trades’ some may say.
I have been delivering these distinctive, affordable fitness programs and classes at several reputable gyms and training studios across the Barrie area such as Georgian College Athletics Facility, the City of Barrie Fitness Centers, Polished Personal Training Studio and my own Alexacise Fitness Studio.
I have been fortunate to be on several TV episodes of Healthilicious Barrie, and Daytime Simcoe, Rogers Cable 10. I believe it is this versatility, flexibility and exposure that has made me Barrie’s Favourite Trainer from 2004-2011 and voted 2012 Canadian Trainer of the Year, runner-up, by Muscle Insider Magazine.
Since I offer a diverse background of fitness knowledge and experience I am able to cater to a large variety of clientele, from ages 3 all the up to 65 plus. Through my personal training and fitness class instruction across the Barrie area, I am exposed to hundreds of people a week, if not daily.
I have built my reputation on producing ‘intuitive’ exercise and nutrition programs that take ‘ordinary’ people and give them ‘extraordinary’ results!


Here are some of Alexa's many qualifications:

  • Diploma in Fitness & Lifestyle Management (George Brown College, Toronto, ON)
  • Barrie Advance Reader's Choice Award - Voted Barrie's Favourite Personal Trainer 7 Years in a Row
  • CSEP Certified Fitness Consultant
  • CPTN & Can Fit Pro Personal Trainer
  • Certified Pilates Specialist
  • Yoga Group Exercise Instructor
  • Certified Fitness and Stability Ball Instructor
  • OFC Aerobics Instructor
  • First Aid, CPR, NLS (Lifeguard)
  • Swimming Instructor (Red Cross & Royal Lifesaving Society


    - Provincial and national level competitive swimming athletes - Competitive hockey athletes - Competitive soccer athletes - Dance athletes - Body builders

    The Alexacise Philosophy

    Fitness is not a hobby it is a lifestyle.
    Maintaining good health and physical strength leads to many positive effects in addition to increasing energy and decreasing potential health risks. Looking good, feeling good and being at your physical prime all lead to a successful, positive and happy life in many ways.
    Exercise is one of the best proven methods for stress relief. Regular exercise will assist with circulation issues, strengthen your bones, boost your immune system and improve your mood and sex drive. The challenge is that many people struggle to find a means of keeping fit that they truly enjoy and look forward to daily.
    At the Alexacise Fitness Studio we look for creative ways to engage all walks of life in a fun, dynamic environment. Our intent is to transform the concept of exercise from being work to becoming an anticipated part of our client’s daily routines. The first step is in ensuring there is a complete understanding of each client’s physical and mental needs. This is done through a ‘hands on’, personal approach, one-on-one with Alexa herself.
    The Alexacise Fitness Studio strives to offer each client this personal relationship to ensure they are fully set up for success as they embark on a road to a more fulfilling, healthy life.


    Have a nutrition program custom designed to suit your unique nutritional needs, lifestyle and goals. With Alexacise the nutrition fits you, you don’t fit the nutrition.

    Personal & Group Training

    With over 15 years of experience, Alexacise doesn’t just assess your goals but your entire physique needs to customize your training. Proper programming requires continuous attention to an individual’s biofeedback to assess the body’s success or lack of to specific training regimes. Whether you want one-on-one training or training in a group environment, Alexacise will exercise you based on your body’s needs and physical condition.


    This is a group exercise session performed on Olympic style trampolines. This session will give you an intense cardio workout coupled with resistance exercises to tone and build strength throughout your entire body. Lose some ounce with your bounce and sign-up for this extremely fun, whole body workout guaranteed to make you sweat!

    Pilates: Muscle & Strength

    Focus is on core strength, flexibility and body awareness. Alexacise Pilates is mainly done on the mat with the addition of stretch bands and small hand weights to tone, strengthen and lengthen your muscles. Invigorate yourself Alexacise Pilates, a total body workout, a total body stretch.